In Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, the use of anabolic steroids has been banned on racehorses. Their Thoroughbreds are made to run clean (meaning, drug-free) on every race. Except in some states and only with some substances, American Thoroughbred racing has not been as strict when it comes to restricting the use of steroids on racing day.

While many racehorse owners and trainers argue that steroids have a beneficial effect in the treatment of various conditions in horses and to help them recover from surgeries and injuries, using these drugs to enhance performance is not only detrimental to the horse but damaging to the sport as well.

Steroids and other medications should be banned in racehorses because Crazy Bulk Steroids of various considerations. For starters, they exhibit aggression and are difficult to control, especially in the presence of other racehorses. Male racehorses try to subdue other males while females get moody and unwilling to do the simplest tasks. Steroids cause psychological confusion while they’re in the track.

Like its effect on humans, steroids enhance stamina and tolerance to pain. As a result, horses on these types of medications have the ability to train harder than they normally would if they were not “juiced up.” Overtraining strains their legs and makes them more susceptible to injury.

Long-term use of steroids also have long-term side-effects that debilitate the horse for life. They can cause hair loss, skin problems, heart diseases and the development of cancers. It also shrivels down their reproductive organs, lowers sperm count and causes sterility in males. An otherwise excellent Thoroughbred who has the ability of siring generations of potential winners has lost the ability to reproduce because of steroid use. What a waste!

But perhaps the most damaging effect of these medications in American Thoroughbred racing is that the industry has now consistently been producing inferior racehorses that are largely dependent on medication before they can race and whose sturdiness has been sacrificed for speed. Racing careers of graded 1 stakes winners can only span a short 10 years, even less, because they are either waylaid by injury or some other cause directly or indirectly related to these drugs.